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Vikrti, and captured it.* After subduing Gaijdikota the Nawab
conquered Ghitti, Gurramkonda, Kanci, Vaiidavasi, Cengalpattu
Arikadu, Mylapuru and Cennapattanam, so that the country
up to the Eastern Sea came under the government of
Golkonda, At the same time, Minu Khana ( Anrin Khan ?), an
officer from Yijapura (Bijapur) captured Penugonda, Veluru,
CeSji, Irani, Basuvapattanam and other places.

Kaifiyat of Sugumantipalle : Z. R. 35, pp. 171-2.

While Pemmasani Timma Nayadu was ruling, the Kutupu
Saha of Golkoiida laid siege to the fort of Gaigtdikota in the
year Vikrti and captured it.

Ktioile of Tollamaditgv in thtjamfalamafasu fffi&ka. \ Mac. M*t* 1S-3-+9, p, 196.

Then in Fasli year 1030 as Raja Varadappa Nayaka had
no son, his nephew Appa Nayaka succeeded him.   That ruler
spent most of Ms time in the pleasures of the harem and left
all the business of state in the hands of his minister.   In Fasli
1039 Sikandar Shah, the Padshah of Bijapur, and Tana Shah,
the Padshah of Hyderabad, formed designs for capturing the
throne   of  Ginjee;   formerly,  about   Fasli   10... ,   Maharaja
Krsnadevaraya detached Bommaraju from his ancient friend-
ship for these two from the time of their predecessors, and gave
him the forts of Settuppattu and Cengalpattu in the Kaniataka
and treated him in a very friendly manner ; but the Padusahs
punished him severely for his treachery to his master.   In the
Karnataka the Nayak subordinates of the Maharaja were ruling
with the sword in Ginjee, Tanjore, Madura, Trichinopoly, and
ruling    independently.      To   conquer  these  rulers   of the
Katnataka, ihe two Padusahs despatched a large army.   The
Padnsah   of  Bijapur   sent  Nawab   Mir   Kamruddm   Khan,
Kawaz Khan, Kayarnddhi Khan Ghori, Ayaz Khan Ghori,
Sayyid SEustafa Khan Ghori, Mahmud Khan Kurada, Sayyid
Nasir All Khan, Sayyid Hasan Khan, Sayyid Husain Khan,